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Social Media Power Plan™ for your Office

One Time fee of

$1795.00 + shipping

Creation &Delivery time of the Plan™ is up to *14 working days

Social Media Marketing is new Word-To-Mouth

Start using Social Media Marketing in your practice with your team!

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What is Social Media Power Plan™ for your Practice?

We custom craft every post for your practice!

52 posts, year worth of Social Media Content crafted for You, with your Logo, your contact information, and services you provide in your office!

Social Media Power Plan™ contains:

  • Social Media Management Manual (how-to manual)
  • Month by Month crafted posts that contain photos, videos, holidays, suggestive posts and much more! Every post caption will contain SEO words and #Hashtags related to Your Practice
  • USB Drive that contains all the Social Media content, Photo/video release form, digital version of the Manual
  • Smartphone Video Recording Kit™, smartphone microphone and Selfie Monopod to record patient testimonials
  • An Hour consultation with our Social Media Executive, Galina Ippolito.
  • Do you have Social Media Marketing Plan in place?
  • What are your posts on the Social Media Platforms tell your patients about your practice?
  • Are you paying monthly fee to a marketing company to manage your Social Media and you do not see any results?

 We believe that Social Media Marketing is a Team Work. Your Team knows your patients and your marketing needs the most.

We are the creators behind Pinhole® Social Media Power Kit™ for thousands of Pinhole Academy Graduates!

So we decided to take same approach and help Dental offices implement Social Media Marketing Power Plan™ 

Social Media Monthly service (495)